New updates April 11, 2011

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New updates April 11, 2011 Empty New updates April 11, 2011

Post  Mdog on Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:15 am

Alright here's a short list of what all has been accomplished Cool i'm VERY happy with what i have gotten going so far!

1. completed multiple new aspects (these have to stay secret for now 8P)
2. Created and finished 5-10 new items
3. Created a script for potions (i don't have pictures for potions yet though so it's not complete)
4. Created a base spell template for all simple healing or simple damaging spells (simple meaning, it takes magic power away, it inflicts direct damage)
5. Created spawn points for 3 enemies, finished the first zone map (now to add buildings)
6. Created statistics for town guards, village guards, and figured out how to spawn them on a map after they are killed.
7. Figured out how to spawn things on a map (this was becoming a problem for the first few days, i just couldn't get it to work)

9. Turned off the server (what you didn't think it'd stay up forever did you? 8P)
10. Created multiple accounts, got the account server set up, limited the number of characters each account can have atm to 3 (this will change later when i get a real server, probably to 10)
11. COMPLETELY completed the "wolf" animal, all stats, everything, just need a 3d model for him (which i have) then he's DONE! so that's awesome!
12. Updated the website (again, man that place is a pain)
13. Found and corrected a "memory violation error" that was causing the game to crash (it doesn't like values being blank....)
All and all, i ran around the game for about 5 minutes just enjoying having it up Cool and tonight or tomorrow i'm going to add spells and hopefully slay my first animal / human this weekend 8P wish me luck!


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