New updates! May 23, 2011

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New updates! May 23, 2011 Empty New updates! May 23, 2011

Post  Mdog on Tue May 24, 2011 10:01 am

Alright guys it's time for another set of updates, I've been working a lot on the game and haven't had much time to type out updates here.

1. Changed the forums to a new design, i think it'll stay this way for a while.
2. Got 2 banners, 1 for the forums, and 1 for the website when it is redone.
3. Added 35 weapon models to the game (completely imported and ready to use)
4. Added somewhere near 70 buildings, and 200 ingame props
5. Added a full set of animal models (i still need to make the "NPCs" for them, and then make individual level up scripts based on each circumstance)
6. I've got full access to somewhere around 200 music files, I'm currently shifting through all of it song by song to see whats useable and what's not. This is all homemade stuff. (this is about 30% complete)
7. Added and tested a quest template script
8. Added and tested a merchant template script
9. Added a bank script (not tested)
10. Finished damage spell template! (not tested)
11. Finished Healing spell template! (not tested)
12. Finished an auction house with only 1 bug (going to be tested in alpha testing)
13. Completed a "level up" script, that sets the exp needed for each level, and gives you the option to add 10 points to whichever stat you want after that.
14. Completed a shop that sells horses! (3 different options, all ride-able)
15. Completed a script for NPCs that will make them log in with random features (ex... different hair, or skin color, or armor)

Honestly I'd say that I am 8% done with the game, 50% of the way to Alpha testing, and 25% of the way to Beta testing! So keep active and keep around to keep updated with the new offers that you'll only see once!

As always,



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