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shop&bank scripts Empty shop&bank scripts

Post  chadwick on Sun May 15, 2011 8:28 pm

We are working on the banks and shop scripts. The shops should be finished soon for the beta version of the game. Today we are working on creating missions with rewards. Stay tuned to find out what else is coming.

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shop&bank scripts Empty Re: shop&bank scripts

Post  Mdog on Mon May 16, 2011 8:55 am

I've created and tested 2 different quest scripts. Both are, kill __ of these mobs, quests. Also I am still working on the shop script like he said. It as well as the bank script are very difficult, I'm seeking help with the bank script to make it better than I had it before. I didn't like the way it worked so it is being completely redone. (it was practically finished for a time) ALSO, I'm finishing a Global regeneration script, that'll make you regenerate a small amount of health and manna over time while you are not in combat.


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