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Post  Mdog on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:16 am

Some basic information for the game.

The game is featured in the future, but don't get your hopes down it's still a hack and slash RPG. There aren't any lazers or atomic bombs. What happened was the world had a falling out due to the lack of resources (but this is explained farther down in the "In Depth" explanation) Basically all of the metal was lost due to rapid rusting, other than a few remaining things (hidden through out the game Wink The world is split into two big groups (and many smaller groups), the people who have been able to do magic for a long time, and those who just recently found out they can use magic. The advantages? The ones who've been doing magic for many years have experience, but they are set in their ways. The ones who are knew are still discovering their limits, which leaves much room for things to end different than with the other people, but that can go either way.

Legends is a game that was conceived between myself and a friend. The game will only have 1 "class", you can shape that class into any kind of "Player" you want to be by putting points into skills you want to get good at. You will never be told you can't use a basic skill (you just won't be good at it).

Races that have never been used by any other game, and abilities like no other. The only playable races you've heard of are humans (and possibly dwarves Wink Of course the normal enemies will appear like rabid animals and dangerous dragons, but we will display many new creatures you've never seen before.

In Depth Game explanation

(includes history and assumes you've already read the Basic information)

About 200 years before game time begins, the people of the world leaders realized the worlds resources wouldn't support everyone for more than a couple more years. Already facing shortages, and also pressures from their people to provide, the leaders were forced to war. War destroyed the world because it was a war like no one else has ever seen. Nothing like ever before. In the end, the bombs nearly destroyed the world, and did destroy anything you could call a civilized world. Humans survived because one man discovered a new "gas" that the earth creates, that he also discovered how to turn into energy. Eventually strange things started to happen. Some people were able to move things with their minds, do things that no one else would even believe was true, at first. But soon it became a very widely known fact that some people could indeed, use magic. No one doubted the power of the new "magic users". The few scientists that survived explained it by saying that floride was coating a gland in our brains, and that was stopping us from ever learning the potential that our brains had. They didn't know how it would affect people or even why some people were able to use magic when others weren't.


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