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Post  Mdog on Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:01 am

Well this is good AND bad news!! We have upgraded our software here at legends. The old version we were using was version 1.26, the new version i just found out last night was published a week ago, is version 5.21. yes that is quiet a significant difference isn't it? The good side, well it'll make the process faster, it comes with more things i don't have to buy making the game cheaper in the long run, and the graphics are even a touch or two better. Oh yeah, also it gives more controls to the users, more options for your own gaming performance. Bad side? My previous version is so old, the converting process didn't go very well and I will have to start over... BUT this is a blessing in disquise as i'll be able to redo everything with more depth and better attention. It's definately unknown as to how this will affect the release dates. For now I am estimating it will actually increase the production rate, as it gives me many things i couldn't do before or I had to go the LONG way Wink Hope everyone is happy that this will increase performance and graphics and all the other things that will make the game better Cool



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