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Some information that you can read up on Empty Some information that you can read up on

Post  chadwick on Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:42 pm

I will see about getting more people on the board pretty soon. You can invite some of your friends as well if you want, it may help keep the forum alive lol. I know its not really fun unless you got a lot of other people chatting on the forum as well, So I will talk to mdog about giving out some kinda bonus for those who do keep chatting on the forum and the chatroom. I do have to admit that its gonna be a little slow until mdog gets finished moving, and I get everything ready for my wedding. I plan on sending him a computer and a external hard drive, but he's still working on moving. He's going to use parts from the computer to help create a server for just the game, and the hard drive that I send to him will help as well. The external hard drive should have 300 GB on it, so he can use it to back up all the data for the game. He may have to get a new hard drive for the server because the computer that I am sending him has a really small one. We can start alpha right now, but he wants to wait until the other website is finished. Everybody will get an email about us moving the website, and it will be posted on the forum. I don't know what the websites name is going to be yet, but I will update you when I find out.

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